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CE ISO9000 Gross Weight 30 KG Fuel Cell Electric Generator For Acyrlic Polishing

CE ISO9000 Gross Weight 30 KG Fuel Cell Electric Generator For Acyrlic Polishing

  • CE ISO9000 Gross Weight 30 KG Fuel Cell Electric Generator For Acyrlic Polishing
CE ISO9000 Gross Weight 30 KG Fuel Cell Electric Generator For Acyrlic Polishing
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Changzhou,China
Brand Name: DAYE
Certification: CE ISO9000
Model Number: CCG 1000 L/H
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: USD 2000-4000
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, D/A, D/P
Supply Ability: 500 Set/Sets per Month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Oxyhydrogen Welding Machine Gas Production: 1000 L/H±10%
Type: Welding Manipulator Advantages: Safety , Energy Saving , Low Cost High , Efficiency
Usage: Diamond Segment Welding , Ampoule Filling Welding , Platinum Resistor Welding , Electronic Components Welding , Steel Cutting , Acrylic Polishing , Instrument Welding , Wax Investment Casting , Enameled Wire Welding , Thermocouple Welding , QuartzGlass Tub Working Medium: Soft Water , Pure Water
Power: 1.6 Kw Water Consumption(L/h): 0.21 L/h
Color: Blue Or Customized Dimension - L*w*h (mm): 680*250*480 Mm
Gross Weight: 30 KG
High Light:

water welding machine


hho welding generator


water pure Oxyhydrogen Welding Machine Automatic oxyhydrogen welding machine for Acyrlic Polishing



Why do we use oxyhydrogen generator?

Gas cylinders can be extremely dangerous and gas oxyhydrogen generator is quite safe since

it does not require gas cylinders and no risk of leakage and explosion.



Comparison among oxy-hydrogen gas,acetylene and propane

Advantage of Oxy-hydrogen gas flame(Instead of oxygen and acetylene bottled gas )



1. Quick welding: oxyhydrogen flame can reach 3000 degrees, which can complete welding quickly.


2. Accurate welding: the hydrogen and oxygen flame is concentrated and does not diverge, which

can realize the welding of precision devices.


3.  reduce costs: as long as a small amount of water and electricity, save 50% of the cost than

acetylene welding.


4.  protect the environment: no smoke, no strong light, no waste gas welding.


5. 100% safety: out-of-production and out-of-use gas does not store, to avoid the risk of explosion.

Application range of hydrogen and oxygen machineMotor enameled wire welding, air conditioning

copper pipe welding, jewelry welding, musical instrument welding,Transformer welding, fish hook

welding, lighting welding, battery plate welding.




Acetylene Propane Oxy-hydrogen gas

Chemical Formula

C2H2 C3H8 2H2+O2

Burn Equation

2C2H2+5O2=4CO2+2H2O C3H8+5O2=3CO2+4H2O 2H2+O2=2H2O

Calorific Value(KJ/NM3)

52800 93100 12600

Fuel Cost(RMB/KG)

20 8  

Fuel Cost(RMB/M3)

20*1.16=23.2 8*1.964=15.7 1*3=3

O2:Fuel Gas

2.5 5 Needn’t

O2 Price(RMB/M3)


1NM3 Fuel Gas+O2 cost

23.2+2.5*3.6=32.2 15.7+5*3.6=33.7 1*3=3

Calorific Vlaue(RMB/MJ)

32.2/52.8=0.548 33.7/93.1=0.362 3/12.6=0.236

Energy Save(%)

(0.548-0.236)/0.548=57% (0.362-0.236)/0.362=35%  



Oxyhydrogen welding machine Principle

        CE ISO9000 Gross Weight 30 KG Fuel Cell Electric Generator For Acyrlic Polishing 0


Water = Fuel!


It doesn’t need gas cylinder, it only needs little water + electricity!


1CBM HHO gas = 3 KWH electricity + 0.58 L water Straight laser flame, 2800 ℃ Non harmful gas!


Don’t need to store gas!


It improves sealing efficiency about 70%.


Oxyhydrogen generator consumes water and electricity and electrolyzes water in hydrogen gas and oxygen

gas , We can use H2 and O2 as source of flame replacing LPG,Propane,Acetylene fule or natural gas or other




Product description

  • Product description


  • Water into fire


  • 20% higher efficiency​


  • Energy saving 40-60%


  • No gas cylinder


  • 6 CORE hho technology

​1. Anti explosion ans anti leakage integrated electrolytic tank.


2. Dry ans wet combination anti back-fire flame arrestor.


3. Pre-anti backfire oxyhydrogen torch:flame arrester is added between the nozzle and value.


4. PLC control panel technology.


5. IGBT high efficiency power supply.


6. Stable pressure device.


  • 100 % safe


What are unique advantages of oxy-hydrogen generator for welding?


1. Operation is convenient:


The hho welding / hho welding machine produce oxy-hydrogen gas by automatic way, gas cylinder is not required any more. Turn on to produce gas and shut down to stop producing. Machine will shut down automatically when the gas pressure is too high (if gas output can not be used up). Machine will turn on auto when the gas pressure is not enough. The gas output is adjustable.


2. Welding is fast:


The oxy-hydrogen flame temperature is high up to 2800 degree, it can heat the welding spot to melting point fast in about 1 second to finish welding.


3. Welding precision is high:


The flame is concentrated, it can achieves welding of precise devices.


4. Welding spot is smooth and beautiful:


Oxy-hydrogen flame combustion doesn't form carbide, so there is no black spot, avoid the second treatment of cleaning and polishing.


5. Environment friendly:


hho welding / hho welding machine 's fuel comes from water, there is water vapor after combustion, no any harm done to environment.


6. Energy saving:


hho welding / hho welding machine saves energy cost over 30% compared with other gas welding way.Adding the oxygen cost, it will save cost over 40%.


 CE ISO9000 Gross Weight 30 KG Fuel Cell Electric Generator For Acyrlic Polishing 1

HHO welding solution for Electric Motors

High quality and safety,efficiency and innovation.




  • Quickly remove every insulation from wires no need of mechanical systems.


  • Make copper connections up to 2.500 mm2 so quickly that the material doesn’t overheat.


  • Commutators soldering.


  • Squirrel cages brazing.


  • Remove bearing,rings and pulleys.


  • Clean stator and rotor slots perfectly in a few seconds.


Other applications

Motor enameled wire welding, copper pipe welding, transformer welding

Diamond Segment Welding , Ampoule filling welding , Platinum Resistor Welding ,

Electronic Components welding , Steel Cutting , Acrylic Polishing ,

nstrument Welding , Wax investment Casting , Enameled Wire Welding ,

thermocouple Welding , QuartzGlass Tube Sealing , Jewelry Welding


CE ISO9000 Gross Weight 30 KG Fuel Cell Electric Generator For Acyrlic Polishing 2



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